Heather did an amazing job with my hair! I was way overdue for a cut and color and she worked her magic! The salon is bright and beautiful. It truly lives up to the name, Serenity. I had a wonderful experience. ❤️ I can’t wait to go back again!

Jo An B-G

This Salon is amazing. My mom, one of her friends and I went there a few days ago. My mom has breast cancer and had to have her hair buzzed. The ladies here and clients they had were so sweet. The ladies will never know how thankful we were to know that they cared for my mother. While the girl was buzzing my moms hair one of the workers came over to pray for my mother. This meant the world to my mom. Thank you Serenity Salon. I highly recommend this salon!

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Alyssa M

I definitely recommend making an appointment with Isabella! She’s so polite and experienced. I was told exactly what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Now my hair looks amazing despite the damage I’ve caused it. I actually feel beautiful in my own skin. She highlighted, toned and deep conditioned it to get the best possible outcome. I also recommend buying their products, you might get hooked up with free products like me!

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Heather M-C

I went to this salon on Friday to get my hair buzzed due to it falling out with chemo and the love these ladies showed me I will forever be grateful. I was an emotional wreck and they were all amazing. God lead me to this salon for a reason and I am so thankful to hear testimonies while I was in there and having someone pray over me during one of the worst times of my life. Thank you ladies for everything

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Andrea L-H

This place is AWESOME!!!! Very very sweet people that do great work. I came in with thin, neglected hair and Kaylie did miracle work with it! She did an amazing job and she was so confident and fast. I left feeling beautiful! I love the color and cut and it's easy to fix.. Thank u so much Kaylie! You are my new girl! See u next time!

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Ali P